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Moving to another country is an exciting and exhilarating prospect, however, once you have decided to make the move there will be much to consider, especially if you are moving with your family. Remembering everything that needs to be organised and packed up can be a task in itself, but we will be on hand to make sure your move runs smoothly.

We will ensure that the recruitment process is as efficient as possible; however because of the reliance on Government departments and immigration processes, times can vary. On average we are able to complete the process and mobilise employees to their new country of work within a twelve-week window.

What criteria do I need to meet

You will require the minimum experience as detailed in the job specification that you have applied for. This means that you will need to be able to provide original certificates and evidence of qualifications / indentured apprenticeships. You will also require a verifiable work history and be able to provide accurate dates and references.

You may be required to undertake a further skills test for some positions.

The recruitment process

Once you have decided to apply for a position overseas you will be assigned a Consultant who will support you through the process. The recruitment process would proceed as follows;

  • Initial application
  • Telephone screening
  • Local presentation
  • Formal interview
  • Interview with client
  • Job offer

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